Unconditional Love

Apart from the physical and material world there lies an invisible world around you that brings you immense happiness. I am sure in today’s unrealistic world every human being would be looking forward to step into this abode of unconditional love, peace, joy etc. in their lifetime just like me.

For me unconditional love  is a pure feeling of unlimited contentment without any place for resentment. I feel like the golden gates of the heaven have opened, giving me the sight of an ultimate bliss. The paradise that I have been longing to see and be in my whole life.



I feel a sense of harmony and calmness as a serene breeze just whispers “Welcome,”. I then jump , dance and roam like a free spirit enjoying every nook and corner of the lovely unconditional world.

Let me know what’s your feeling about unconditional love..

Stay blessed always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!